totlly nutz but still appealing.
 a bit like historyporn/reddit or scrolldrop or historylive.jr. or etc etc
yo tankman. done groceries?
Victor Grasso

Capa, can’t skip him. xxl
eh omdat het kan en bij de goeiste komt je tog afijn 
bakken you click ahead, always price always a winner. dat lading de dekt wel.
they sure as hell get real 2close4 reality those boys from pixar and ai. most annoying part at the end of the broadcast they al want to say hi to mom or say some greetings, bloody tourists.

Eriver, he takes time to get to know it but yep.

absoluut henk het zal mij aan de balzak jeuken.das war einmal

tjiesuz. eeh  broeva haro clap clap.

2 years 11 months and 4 days to go.

rio de janerio riooohooooo i feeeel fine.

suppose y do not have to go to your boring job to make money for your tedious kids and cheating wife with a hour a day freetime.
soothing, freedum NZ here we come.

but my personal pick. Nicol├ís Muller.

celebrities. Stardust as he calls it.