I would have shot

them on the spot but then again me ain’t no coach.

god i hate i detest soccer.  massmediasports yuck,simpletons.
           He must have picked the wrong day
 good that they buy and buy.
pumping money around the globe.Same as Erdogan, what turkish product do we really need?. right. nothing.
They can’t built cars, planes , hi tec cos we own the patents. buy my license and sweat for me.
                 Dank je de ...juist.

                   Trevor Cole. trrrrefl.

most projects remain project because they can design but eeh reliablililililty naah.
7740.576 km at an average speed of 322.891 km/h … Wirschaffendas.
bling bling ain’t my thing
             cos every now and then i get lost in the forum.
                 kjoed   Back alley.

do not get 2 comfortable. y never know. good photo’s. odd “girls”.
 Paaz afdelinkje.           Markie Mcandrews.

100 bucks and met horte en stoten will I try to get it up and running.
i do ,

and no i do not even have to know your name.

i like and always have liked cutaway’s. fulltable xxl.

like clockwork. tx. we waren het nét van plan. privacy problemen hebben we hier niet op t plattelaand.
pfff, give or take a mercedes s500 when i start counting all my pc’s etc.
Bart  Ramakers. i like his works.
 a tapperdetap picca photo. within
1 extra tap and it is clear. Quality fine nude.
 one more for the road, he is more of the romantic tones.
 to bad, it is one of my “fetishes” but with volume. 

Hatsa siempre fi etc.  Burt Glinn. KOEBA
Barbieri personal so skip.