There are days i just want to give up. i don’t even like working

in here.                ( only 4? here is more)

click only on the pictures Lot 4529, nuts.lot 2221 peekaboo
German soldiers

            waf, i had dogs, never trusted dogs. and i do image reversed google search but can’t do it with every posting, they also rob from the main sites.


Time to score dinner,you guys walk around for half an hour ,spend some time with them “ladies”
I’ll pay,scroll way down and seek your spot. I suggest the Stuttering hand ask for Bygmester Finnegan,
Wear protection.. ( no idea why there is fun in the url) it is a good club.


oops i fainted, bang smack on tha floor. hmm fifth time this year. scary shit. a bad connection,
some neural tubes don’t fit. Anyway let’s continue. the doggiebag.

beacuse i do not know why god creates such animals, she he or it must be creative at moments.

memories, good and bad. beautiful and nasty but hé such is life. you must live it not die in it.
                                                                       Powerfull gangland USA.

Truste, i need my rest,paintings/ill,high class but classic. battleships. clippers, the old containerships..
onedin line etc.not these.

. but these

..the rest of the erotic is at the bottom.tags.


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