congopygmeedope,   partly done by mcb a magnum who au-pairs at nat geo.


Don’t ask he said to me but Elvis just left the building.


yep, cheap but i am warming up.

via kindland , if y wanna chill usa style, way too fashionable site for me.
weed y smoke but not merchandise it, it is just a fucking plant and we rule on the seeds.
gifs, they are like t shirts with a print,
a bit like reddit. sometimes nice but more for teens.time to party,
it was taxday ,so tx state for robbing me and spending in the idiotic a unicorn in the autistspectrum i have troubles multitasking,

could b repost butt don’t think so. How do y like your eggs in the morning?

woman i’d like to marry of the day.

 Why put an eyeball on a tadpole’s tail?
Fang blennies are a tropical fish that won’t be intimidated, injecting predators and competitors alike with venom released from two long teeth on their lower jaw.
research reveals that rather than stunning foes with a jolt of pain, the venom acts on the bitten fish’s opioid receptors, causing it to become dizzy and lethargic. 
Defensive venoms, whether those in cobras or in stingrays, are well known for their extreme pain-inducing action. This venom is very different in that it is pain-freescience & etc.




i once talked about drones, photography and my privacy. i shoot them down but there are alternatives
dronepicture”s “real”estate   at the bottom tap the picca for the interior.
hmm   3 seconds.
                        paddle8 for your absurd sometimes lovely “Art“.
colorised, sometimes neat and handy for modelbuilders/realitytouch but me love the original.
He has a full day time job on it or just a program , anyway anyhow klimbim.
                           well high tech, great exportmovie.
mad max country. and for what , playing who is the boss? who is the right god?who has or is the biggest dick?
you play dead and stay dead, this is just a drill.
found this big boy by blind imagesearch tags nude 1970 dpi res,do an imagesearch and end up at son of God, the lsd church eeh lds , as son of God, Tasschen referrs to it as the forbidden art of  George
and so i hop on to where it actually came from( sorry but that flickbstrd is good)


                                so yes i am curious, nosy always have been.


                            Give up on that  then y might as wel give up on life.
yeah i know way to much russia. can’t help myselve.I’ll go more East.
                                                                            Medication Time.
                                     let’s synchronise..time set 1.13       and 1.20            for the horse steps
judges may i have your votes?
My pick,due to her beauty,body and her charming way to die twice 

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