Annaliese dan maar , gewoon omdat het moet , ‘k zal maar ja zeggen.

She posed for Avedon etc a model. daughter shoots mom.Sage..

w.i.p.    joa ikkweet ut, kiekt ‘dr zo in de kut.
mmooie wijffe maar instagram tumblr of facebook.
big enough to get you through the night.. my pick,
                                             link will go on my linklist.
in the category 10 to 50.000  dollar : and we have a winner (or loser)
fuck it, the abstract ones are true hemaworstjes.Wo ist mein Fahrrad? seen it before but not the picca’s up close.


I give up for today   , here is a pic , how hard can it be to find momma.
simple but then y get this.. no idea why there is a warning
Ulf Aminde, François-Marie Banier, John Bock, Michaël Borremans, Louise Bourgeois, Leigh Bowery / Fergus Greer, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Miriam Cahn, Donigan Cumming, , Rineke Dijkstra, Marlene Dumas, Albrecht Dürer, Nezaket Ekici, Tracey Emin, EVA & ADELE, VALIE EXPORT, Gao Brothers, Josephine Garbe, Toussaint Gelton (Kelton), Bruce Gilden, Nan Goldin, John Isaacs, Jamie Isenstein, Jürgen Klauke, Gustav Kluge, Eva Kot’átková, Clemens Krauss, Oleg Kulik, Ulrike Lienbacher, Johannes Lingelbach, Sarah Lucas, Boris Mikhailov, Michael Najjar, Shahryar Nashat, Virgile Novarina, Yoko Ono, Oksana Pasaiko, Laure Prouvost, Jon Pylypchuk, Jan Symonsz Pynas, Lotte Reimann, Julian Rosefeldt, Lars Rosenbohm, Bojan Šarčević, Gary Schneider, Santiago Sierra, John Stark, Juergen Teller, David Teniers D.J., Miroslav Tichý, Larry Towell, Stefanie Trojan, Gillian Wearing, Erwin Wurm

i am obligated to see her pictures fly by each day ,slowly turned into hmm i kinda like that “housewifehandmanscraftswork”,

so Don’t


i am not googling and audit every single one of them … a shitload of contemp art i puke on.., my pick is Rineke cos she shot the royal family non lethal.. ,

 i got plenty of lists that i need to work on..

right click is bigger image. eeh yan Senez.
here is a kitchen ,  give or take 6 million foto’s the same with art and there is a shitload more,
the special collections is a different story, íf you go visit wear weights, make good fakes , have secret pockets in your pants.change the way you look
show me metal
and i get horny,  can’t help it, don’t wanna.some grab them by the pussy,
some grab for oil..

some for the sun wind or water.

let’s convert


You know the party lit when your parents blasting this shit at 1 in the morning

Goodnight, do not underestimate it., 53.000. my advise put it on zoom first,   it must be a job of years and years to collect.      i am filing my old papers,

it is my 100th post and my uploaded pictures have a lifetime of 90 days.


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