it looks chaotic but it is not, it is eeh filled yes. i know mookie, chewbakka. stalin a bit.

very diverse, odd pictures, galleries , links, some switched to vk , facebook. some a old website etc.
Worth diving into which I did many many years ago, it remains good and in some way up to date.
Y start by clicking the pussy gently. then it is good luck.

some pointers if y do not want to

sniff sniff ..

search..                                                 klik                    klik

looch,  jep they got banned , russian’t like bbqlgbt.  going the wrong way
sexlessons for kids etc.

kinda eeh , my pick ,long read or think. the story of the lost boys and their pictures before they died. still alive and kicking on the facebook.

Art Fucks me.


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